Christmas Trees

Some parts of Canada may well experience a shortage of Christmas trees this year.

According to Shirley Brennan, executive director of the Canadian Christmas Trees Association “We can’t plant trees fast enough; from seed to harvest can take anywhere between 10 and 12 years.”



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We are pleased to offer a great selection of Fraser Fir, Noble Fir, Grand Fir and  Douglas Fir.

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Christmas Tree Care:

Before mounting on a stand cut 1" off the bottom of the trunk. This will remove the dried sap and allow the tree to drink.

The key to maintaining a fresh Christmas tree is to keep the bottom 2 inches of the trunk immersed in water, even if that means refilling the stand every day. Keep your tree hydrated and reduce needle drop.

The bottom line is all your tree needs is a sugar source and plenty of water. This can be as simple as adding a couple of tablespoons of plain sugar in your tree's water and watching to make sure there is always plenty of fresh water in your tree stand.