Explore our extensive selection of Burpee Plants, renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. Grown right here at Little Mountain Greenhouse, you can trust that you're getting the best. See below for details on the varieties we offer.


Burpee Tomatoes

Variety Days to Harvest Fruit Size Growth
Atlas (Beafsteak) 65-75 Large DET
Baby Boomer (Cherry) 50-55 Small DET
Sungold (Cherry) 65 Small IND
Big Beef Plus (Beefsteak) 73 Large IND
Black Krim (Heirloom) 80 Large IND
Brandywine Red (Heirloom Beefsteak) 75-80 X-Large IND
Bush Champion (Slicer) 65 Large IND
Bushsteak (Beefsteak) 65 Large DET
Early Girl Plus (Slicer) 55 Medium IND
Fourth of July (Slicer) 49 Medium IND
Fresh Salsa (Paste) 65-75 Medium DET
Genuwine (Heirloom Marriage Slicer) 70-75 Large IND
Super Sauce (Paste) 70 X-Large IND
Napa Grape (Cherry) 65 Small IND
Sweet 100 (Cherry) 70 Small IND
Yellow Pear (Heirloom Cherry) 75 Small IND


Burpee Peppers

Variety Type
Snackable Red SWEET
Cherry Stuffer SWEET
Big Daddy SWEET
Sriracha HOT
Great Stuff Hybrid BELL
Jalapeno Gigante HOT 1
Red Standard  
Gold Standard  
Thunderbolt SWEET
Mardi Gras Fun Orange SWEET
Mardi Gras Fun New Purple SWEET
Mardi Gras Fun New Red SWEET
Mardi Gras Fun New Yellow SWEET


Burpee Vegetables

Eggplant - Early Midnight
Eggplant - Meatball
Slicing Cucumber - Bush Champion
Slicing Cucumber - Patio Snacker
Slicing Cucumber - Fresh Pickles


Burpee Melons

Watermelon - Sugar Baby
Cantaloupe - Sugar Cube 


Burpee Squash

Acorn Squash - Bush Table Queen
Butternut Squash - Butterbush
Summer Squash - Lemon Drop 
Zucchini - Smooth Pickin'
Pumpkin - Howden
Pumpkin - Jack Be Little