Protect Plants, Shrubs and Trees Against Frost

Protect Plants, Shrubs and Trees Against Frost

Time to protect plants, shrubs, and trees against the frost to make sure that they are safe during the colder months of the year so they will continue to thrive through all seasons in the future. There are many ways to protect your plant against the frost. Read our top tips to maintain your plants during winter.

Mulch Will Help to Protect Plants, Shrubs, and Trees Against Frost 

Mulching is a great way to protect plants from freezing temperatures and blankets of snow. It will provide insulation, especially to shallow roots, from the cold and quick thawing as well. There can also be dry spells in the winter, so mulch helps to retain moisture.

Protect Plants, Shrubs and Trees Against Frost With Covers 

Horticultural fleece and shrub jackets can be really useful for any plant that is particularly susceptible to freezing temperatures.

  • Wrap fleece around the tree and tie gently but firmly.

  • Use shrub jackets that slip straight over the top of the shrub for protection. 

  • If you haven’t been able to move tender plants under cover, cloches will help to give them the cover they need. 

Have a Move Around to Protect Plants, Shrubs, and Trees Against Frost

If you have potted plants, it is a good idea to move them to a sheltered place and group them together. This can help both frost and wind damage, and together they can provide some protection and insulation. Not only that but if they need to be covered, it is much easier to lay some horticultural fleece over a group of pots rather than individual pots around the garden. 

Protect Plants, Shrubs. and Trees Against Frost With Windbreaks

Wind damage can be brutal for plants, so by using windbreaks in your garden, you can create a natural microclimate and help your plants to cope through the winter months. This can also be useful to limit frost damage. Living windbreaks are ideally from a row of plants, evergreen hedging, or trees, but fences and other barriers will work as well. 

Dust Off Snow to Protect Plants, Shrubs, and Trees Against Frost 

When there is heavy snow that lays on branches, this can break or damage plants and trees. Grab your hat, scarf, boots, and gloves and breathe in some fresh winter air as you knock off the snow to minimize any problem. Don’t forget, when you are outside, to also break any ice that has formed in your pond or birdbaths. 

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