Brighten up Your Home With Orchids

Brighten up Your Home With Orchids

During winter, brighten up your home with Orchids to add a splash of colour from the tropics on a grey day. Orchids are great plants to grow indoors all year round and are available in so many different colours, sizes, pots, and shapes; it means there is one for everyone to enjoy. There are various types of Orchids, and with a little care and patience, you may even be able to nurture them to flower again after they have finished. Here’s some Orchid growing information to get you started. 

A Bathroom is a Great Place to Brighten up  in Your Home With Orchids

Orchids love to stand tall on the perfect bathroom shelf or even hung from the shower curtain. Orchids love the humidity, meaning you won’t need to water it very often at all, and it won’t need much room on the shelf. Plant it in a pot to match your bathroom style and colour scheme then place it in between your toiletries on a shelf. As you shower, imagine being somewhere tropical.

Brighten up Your Home With Orchids and Know the Varieties 

The most popular Orchids you will find in the shops are Phalaenopsis or 'Moth Orchid’ and the Dendrobium Orchid. This is largely because they are easy to put through production and the most stunning and easy for you to grow at home. Phalaenopsis, especially, is available in many beautiful colours from pink to white and looks stunning on any worktop or windowsill. 

Know How to Look After Them to Brighten up Your Home With Orchids 

  • Orchids like humidity and would be happy to enjoy a moist environment, but in modern homes, this isn’t always the ideal.
  • Overwatering is one of the main reasons Orchids don’t last as long as they should, and it is better to water once a month than little and often.
  • If the container is heavy or you can see moisture, don’t water it. If it is light and dry, give it a drink.
  • Never let it sit in water either. 

Brighten up Your Home With Orchids in the Right Level of Light 

Orchids do not like direct sunlight, so only place them where they will get indirect light. The plant will get scorched if the sun shines directly onto the leaves and flowers. Find a place where both the light and temperature is consistent throughout the day, without any drafts. 

Taking excellent care of your Orchid will mean it can flower for up to 12 weeks and you will even be able to prune it back afterwards to allow it to grow new shoots and reflower again in a few months. 

We have a selection of Orchids to choose from in store, and our team is happy to give you advice.