Student-Proof Houseplants

Student-Proof Houseplants

These student-proof houseplants are the best plants to grow if you live in a busy world where study comes first and there are many other things to enjoy. Plants have become so trendy over recent years, and many students fill their rooms with plants to help with aesthetics, motivation, focus, and at the same time having something to look after and nurture. Houseplants can help increase efficiency when working but will also require a little care, so you can take some time out to absorb nature before getting back to the books. These are easy houseplants for any student to enjoy. 

Five Student-Proof Houseplants

Discover this list of plants that are hard to kill, and add a little sparkle to your study.

  1. Cacti 
    Some of the easiest plants to look after, not just for students, but anyone who has little time but wants to keep houseplants. They will also survive being left alone if you are heading back home or taking a vacation for an extended period. Needing very little water and just indirect light, these will soon become your prickly friends that barely require any attention. 
  2. Snake plant 
    The Sansevieria is one of the easiest plants to care for. It isn’t fussy at all, taking shade or indirect light. It can sit in a bedroom, living area, or kitchen and will grow even if you forget to water it. Snake plants also have tiny baby plants that grow from the base, so if you look after them well, you will find more plants popping up that you can simply remove gently and pot on for more free plants. 
  3. Peace lily
    Spathiphyllum is excellent for anyone who wants a houseplant but isn’t sure when to water them. Spathiphyllum is another plant that needs only a little attention. The white flowers are instantly recognizable and gorgeous. When it isn’t flowering, the green foliage looks just as good. Give the leaves a duct once in a while, and you will know when it needs watering as it will instantly tell you. The leaves will begin to wilt, meaning it’s time to water it. 
  4. Swiss cheese plant
    The Monstera has made a big comeback from the ’70s when it was in almost every home! The big, glossy green leaves are beautiful, and they can easily be propagated for more free plants. It’s also easy to look after with indirect sunlight and watering when the soil dries. They grow big too so that you can have your jungle in your room. 
  5. Aloe vera
    Aloe vera isn’t just easy to look after, it can also be used on minor burns, acne, and other skin conditions as long as you are sure you are not allergic. Make sure you choose an Aloe vera (there are different types of Aloe) and place it where it will receive bright, indirect sunlight. The flesh leaves retain moisture, so they only need little watering. 

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