You'll find a huge selection of beautiful Fraser Valley grown Christmas trees at the Little Mountain Garden Centre in Chilliwack.


Fraser Fir      

Our premium Fraser Firs are grown on a small, family owned farm in the Fraser Valley where they are hand sheared to give them the perfect Christmas tree shape. The Fraser Fir is an ideal Christmas tree and our best seller. It has excellent needle retention, and beautiful green blue needles with a silvery underside. Fraser fir branches are nicely formed, rigid, and openly spaced - making it perfect for hanging heavy ornaments. They also have a pleasant Christmas tree fragrance.

Noble Fir     

Often referred to as the 'Cadillac' of Christmas trees the Nobles bark is silvery-gray and the needles are gray-green or bright blue-gray. The stiff, short branches grow almost horizontal making it an ideal tree for hanging heavier decorations. Noble Fir (and Fraser Fir) last the longest (up to 6 weeks).

Grand Fir

The Grand fir's very rich, woodsy fragrance signals Christmas is in the air!  Grand Fir's popularity is  growing rapidly in Canada

It's a very symmetrical tree with beautiful, thick foliage and a strong fragrance.

Douglas Fir

The Douglas fir is one of the top-selling Christmas tree varieties in North America.

The Douglas fir is one of the top-selling Christmas tree varieties in the U.S., thanks to its soft, sweetly scented needles and full form. It's even exported to Hawaii!